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About DWE
The DWE philosophy is based on a culture of achievement that empowers women with valuable connections, skills, and resources. Our mission is to provide learning tools, live events, and social support to help women identify and advance individual (and mutual) goals, obtain results, and grow both professionally and personally. 

Everything we do is guided by a collaborative spirit, acceptance of others, and particular attention to the unique role of women in business today.
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Why Join DWE?
Whether you’re an established business woman or an aspiring entrepreneur, DWE lets you connect with an incredibly supportive community of women (no mean girls here!). We embrace diversity and encourage authenticity always with an eye towards progress and achieving our dreams. As a member you’ll:
  • Join an uplifting community of talented women.
  • Enjoy access to DWE expos, workshops, and social events.
  • Network with successful women and local businesses.
  • Build lasting and valuable relationships.
  • Attract new customers to your product or service.
  • Build awareness and grow your brand.
  • Have fun at social events and outings.
DWE organizes a host of learning and networking events, EXPOS, WORKSHOPS & less formal meetups.
At DWE, we network with purpose – to build strong and lasting relationships, to learn and grow together, to offer each other support and inspiration, and to celebrate our achievements. Join us at the next DWE expo, workshop or social event.
Join us at the next DWE expo, workshop or social event!
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DWE Expos
Meet new people and discover local businesses at DWE community Expos. While every expo is unique in its approach and objectives, all are designed to encourage a fun spin on business, lively conversation, and enthusiasm for new ideas and perspectives. As a VIP member, you’ll also enjoy reserved seating and can get involved as an exhibitor. Buy a ticket today, refreshments included! 
Why Exhibit?
As a DWE exhibitor, you’ll connect with people who are already interested in your product or service, speak directly to customers and prospects, and receive invaluable feedback. In-person contact helps you build awareness, share what makes your product or service unique, and convert leads.

DWE exhibitors tell us they make important contacts and increase their earnings. Give us a call today to see how you can get involved in an upcoming expo (for VIP members only). 
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DWE Workshops
DWE workshops truly embody our culture of achievement and the unique role of women in business. Each power session is designed to inspire action and produce results. Topics include:

• How to create, implement and measure SMART goals and objectives.
• Social media marketing: strategy and tactics.
• How to develop a content strategy.
• How to capture prospects and convert leads.
• The secrets of effective email marketing.
• Time-management and productivity hacks.
• How to create work-life balance.
• How to manage teams
• The importance of branding and fine-tuning your message. 
• Understanding sales funnels.
• How to write customer personas and case studies.
• How to identify what isn’t working (and fix it).
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Social Events
Work hard-play harder! While DWE is all about achievement, we also know how important it is not to get lost in the daily grind. Periodically we organize meetups simply to relax, have fun and share stories. Getting together in social spaces provides opportunities to get to know each other better (and often inspires some of our biggest ideas). Text us to find out about our next meetup!
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I am a member of the Dallas Women’s Entrepreneurs (DWE) networking group founded by Petya Edwards. I became a member in July of this year and I have grown not only personally but professionally within the last 5 months. I am learning so much and I have also been fortunate enough to have a great mentor as well and that would be Petya Edwards. Within the past few months, I have gained more confidence in myself and I have learned so very much from workshops and the networking events and from the amazing DWE members. I would definitely recommend becoming a part of this professional DWE networking group.

Amy C James
Founder of Amy’s Social Butterfly
I value my involvement with the Dallas Women Entrepreneurs. There are so many wonderful, inspiring women who attend the events and we all enjoy sharing our stories. I've developed many professional relationships and also terrific friendships through my continued involvement with the Dallas Women Entrepreneurs.

Michelle Rynn
Founder/Owner of Artisan's Effect
I have been a member of this group almost a year!! And I absolutely love it!! I have made some AWESOME business connections as well as some very cool friendships!! This is by far the best decision I have made since moving to Dallas! If you are on the fence about joining... STOP THINKING AND JOIN!! We are one of a kind in networking because we are about consistency and helping each other GROW!! See you at the next meeting!

TaShonda Bender-Ruffin
Petya Edwards is an entrepreneur who has built businesses on two continents and in several industries. Get a strong interview that makes a difference, by calling 214-971-5005.
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